Residential EV Chargers

Our home EV Charger sale and installation services are prompt and geared to facilitate clients who wish to equip their homes and residential spaces with personal EV charger units.

We also make recommendations as to which units are best suited to desired use.

Residential Unit Options

We offer our residential clients a range of unit options which include:

  • Low cost entry level EV charging pod units.
  • Long term cost efficient solar powered wall pod units which offer a full spectrum of power related data recoding important stats such as daily usage rates.
  • Durable, affordable futureproof EV charger wall pods that can be easily upgraded.
  • Smart wall pod units that allow homeowners to monitor power use and perform other functions via mobile interface.
  • Multimode chargers pods that possess both regular and fast charging capabilities and can double up as outdoor power posts/domestic sockets for gardening and other purposes.

Spare Parts & Maintenance

Apart from proving you with complete EV Charger installation at your residence, we also help ensure that your charging unit is always in running order. We do so by offering maintenance services as and when needed which we are licensed and qualified to provide.

All spare parts used by us are genuine brand replacements ensuring extended unit lifetime and usability.

Expert Consultation

We understand that all our clients have different specific needs and take the time to understand what these are before making informed recommendations. Whatever the best possible EV charger solution is for you, we will figure it out.

We offer full scale installation, replacement and maintenance of public EV charging units.

We offer clients durable and high usage EV charger options designed for heavy and repeated public use. We also help with the planning and design of public EV charging stations.

Some of the locations public EV charger units are suitable for include railway stations, airports, public parking spaces and market places.

Public EV Charger Options

Our EV charger options suited to public use include:

  • Heavy-duty anti vandalism charging posts robust enough to be installed in high risk locations offering built in overload and fault current protection.
  • Heavy-duty, future proof and wear resistant EV pedestals for low-risk public locations offering high versatility and built in overload/fault current protection.
  • Heavy-duty token-pay EV pedestals offering the same features as those mentioned above with an additional safe payment system incorporated.
  • Double purpose systems that can be used as EV chargers as well as street lighting, ideally suited to locations where private property may be public facing.
  • Highly versatile multi-purpose chargers ideal for public and semi-public locations offering features such as smart integration abilities and enhanced energy efficiency.

Networks, Controls and Smart Systems

We also help setup EV charger networks as well as install and calibrate the necessary control units and systems.

Maintenance and Consultation

Prior to installation, we guide our clients providing our professional input to help them come up with the most feasible public EV charging point related solutions. We continue to check on our clients following any installation to ensure smooth running of installed CV chargers and address any concerns relating to smooth running and maintenance of the same.

Our level 3 commercial system EV Charger installation services cater to commercial charging stations at malls and residences as well as to privately run commercial EV Charging setups.

We offer premium grade charging units and impeccable aftercare to all our commercial clients. Our teams are comfortable working with commercial clients such as building managers, property developers, corporate planners and others working in similar capacities and promise first-rate professionalism in all areas.

Commercial EV Chargers

Below are some examples of the kind of EV chargers we offer to commercial clients as well as areas they are suited for.

Workplace/Factory/Car Park EV Charger Options

  • Cost efficient entry level EV charger pods offering full features including mode 3 fast charging to all available electrical vehicles.
  • Heavy-duty vandal resistant wall units with an extra robust design available with variable charging specifications. Suited to unsafe or exposed commercial locations.
  • Pay-to-charge high security wall units with payment systems incorporated and features identical to vandal resistant EV chargers.
  • Heavy-duty medium security and wear resistant EV chargers. Easy to upgrade and designed for industrial usage, also available with built in pay to charge systems.
  • Standard model pedestal EV chargers known for reliability. Highly affordable and available in super-fast models
  • Highly versatile multi-purpose pedestal units with smart-integration capabilities, LED amenity illumination and a robust outer structure as well as bespoke color scheme options suited perfectly to organizational branding.
  • Double purpose systems that can be used as EV chargers as well as street lighting, ideally suited to locations where private property may be public facing.

Networks, Controls and Smart Systems

We also help setup EV charger networks as well as install and calibrate the necessary control units and systems. We offer control centers ideal for parking spaces and areas where multiple commercial use EV chargers need to be controlled and monitored.

Maintenance and Consultation

We offer expert consultation before installation helping clients determine which EV charger setup options suit their needs perfectly by way of space, aesthetic, usage and overall feasibility. We also provide meticulous aftercare and maintenance services making sure that are clients can make the most of their investments without having to stress or worry about any kind of technical situations. If you’re looking to have an EV charger or multiple units installed for commercial use, we will ensure safety, reliability and convenience every step of the way!

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