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EV Electrify UK

EV Electrify UK offers extensive and exclusive EV charger related services to residential and commercial clients across the UK. Covering everything from charger sales and installation to maintenance and support, we are passionate about the work we do and support the change from fossil fuel to green transportation. We pride ourselves in offering our clients the most dependable products and services available in the market making sure we help those we work with find EV charger solutions that suit them perfectly.

Our Services

Our services include end-to-end charger sales, EV charger installation and EV charger repair and maintenance. Below are some of the areas we specialize in.


Home Charging

Our home EV Charger sale and installation services are prompt and geared to facilitate clients who wish to equip their homes and residential spaces with personal EV charger units.

We also make recommendations as to which units are best suited to desired use.


Public Stations

We offer full scale installation, replacement and maintenance of public EV charging units.

We offer clients durable and high usage EV charger options designed for heavy and repeated public use. We also help with the planning and design of public EV charging stations.


Commercial Systems

Our level 3 commercial system EV Charger installation services cater to commercial charging stations at malls and residences as well as to privately run commercial EV Charging setups.

We offer premium grade charging units and impeccable aftercare to all our commercial clients.

Why Choose Us


High Quality

All EV Charging units provided by us are premium quality and made by trusted and well established manufacturers.



EV Chargers belong to the renewable energy category which means you get to take care of business and do your bit for the environment.


Smart connected

Our smart and connected EV Charging systems for public and commercial use help owners manage multiple units and optimize profit.


Quick installation

Our skilled and professional teams offer quick and efficient unit installations ensuring that any provided deadlines are met.


Free Support

We continue to stay in touch with clients after unit sale and installation to ensure smooth running of all units and systems.


Access control

Our access control for commercial and large scale EV Charging setups offer users increased control and functional diversity.

Green Energy Saving Money Keeping The Environment Clean From Fosil Fuels

Staying Green & Clean The Cost To Charge A Basic Electric Vehicle Is
£ 6.60 per 200 miles

Clients About Us

  • EV Electrify UK did a brilliant job helping me setup a commercial EV charging depot in one of the building I manage. Good prices, highly professional installation and excellent support!

    Thea Sullivan
    Thea Sullivan Commercial Client
  • We purchased all the units for our new public EV charger outlets from EV Electrify UK. The setup was completed sooner than expected and the outlets are working perfectly. Thank you!

    Sebastian Walker
    Sebastian Walker Public Client
  • We’re thrilled with the EV Charger installation done at our home by EV Electrify UK. The team was warm and helpful and their post-installation support has been amazing.

    Muhammad Jackson
    Muhammad Jackson Residential Client
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